Win 4 Double – Lotto FAQ

Q. What day and time does the draw take place ?
A. Every day, 7 days a week at 17:50 Kinshasa time zone.
Q. When do the sales close ?
A. 10 minutes before the draw at 17:40 Kinshasa time zone.
Q. What will happen if I purchase a ticket after the closing time ?
A. Your Win 4 Double ticket will be be apply to the next draw.
Q. How much does 1 line cost ?
A. A Win 4 Double line costs 500 CDF.
Q. How do I play Win 4 Double ?
A. To play Win 4 Double choose 4 numbers ranging from 1 to 48.
Q. How many lines can I purchase ?
A. As many as you wish.
Q. What is the difference between Manual and Random selection ?
A. The difference between Manual and Random selection, Manual is when you choose the numbers yourself while Random is automatic selection.
Q. where can I purchase a ticket ?
A. Tickets can be purchase in all our Points of sale, Shops, Online account, on mobile by dialing *404# (M-pesa, Orange money and Airtel Money) and in the Android application.
Q. Is the draw supervised ? by whom ?
A. Yes, the draw is certified by the bailiff duly authorized to do so.
Q. How can we follow the draw results ?
A. The Draw results will be broadcast on our Facebook page, Instagram Page, YouTube channel, Media Business at 8:55 PM, Digital Congo after the main news at 7:30 PM, KelBul magazine and Top Congo FM 88 .4MHz.
Instagram: winner.bet_rdc
Youtube channel: Winner bet – RDC:
Q. How do I know if I won ?
A. For your convenience, you can check your ticket status by the following methods:
1. under “Check betslip” or any of the self-service terminals in centers.
2. For tickets purchased by on mobile by dialing *404#. Dial *404# from your mobile phone, click <<5>> “ticket status” and insert ticket barcode. (M-pesa, Orange money and Airtel Money)
3. For Online users please check “my bets” in the menu.
Q. How do I claim prizes of win 4 Double ?
A. Prizes equal to or greater than 20,000,000 CDF will be claimed only at the registered HQ office of following an identification process with all the necessary documents. Payment will be made according to the applicable laws.
Q. Who are they allowed to play Win 4 Double at ?
A. Adults (not less than 18 years old)
Q. Do you pay tax on Winner Lotto prizes ?
A. Yes. Ad Valorem and any other tax due to the government will be deducted at source.
Q. How long time win 4 Double tickets valid for ?
A. Winning ticket expires in 30 days from the date of the draw. terms and conditions of use apply to all above and prevail in case of conflict with these general conditions.